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The Church Has Left The Building

Living on a Prayer

To You and Beyond You

Lord of All, or Not at All

The Sign

The Main Ingredient

No Other Name

Take God’s Side

The Unfiltered Church

Principles for Answered Prayer


Order of Operations


The Peril of Pride

The Greatest Show on Earth

Somebody’s Waiting

Can I get a Witness?

Lessons from the Road to Damascus

What are the Odds?

Breaking Mine-Sets

God is in Control

Grace Anatomy

The Voice

Lessons on Opposition

A Dangerous Faith

Cut It Out

Conflict Resolution

The Power of Obedience

American Idols

Witness While You Work

The God of this City

From the Cult of Personality to the Power of the Cross

Apollos’ Creed

Three Baptisms for Every Believer

The Exorcists

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Wake Up


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