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Our Savior’s Church provides a comprehensive array of pastoral care and addiction services, including The Retreat at Sunset, a ministry home dedicated to the success and leadership development of program graduates. We offer professional counseling for various needs, pastoral counseling for premarital, prayer, and transformation groups, and addiction services, including the “Breaking Free” recovery group. 

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Devin Brown

Central Counseling

Tammy Matte

Central Counseling

Pastor Paul Neel

Pastoral Care

Breaking Free

What is Breaking Free?​

This is a recovery small group for anyone struggling with addiction or in recovery.

Any family members who wanting to learn more about addiction(any type of addiction, gambling, sex, alcohol, etc.) -Join us Tuesdays @ 6:30pm at the Lafayette campus.

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Retreat at Sunset

The Retreat at Sunset is an exclusive ministry home devoted to providing the best conditions possible for success for an Adult & Teen Challenge graduate. Our home continues the discipleship process, raises the men up to be leaders in our community, and assists them with what they need in order to do so. With the covering of Our Saviors Church, its visionary leadership, and its dedication to reaching people and building lives, The Retreat at Sunset serves as the best next step for a man called by God to be a leader in our community.

The Retreat Referral Network is an addiction treatment referral network that helps men, women, and teens find placement in Adult & Teen Challenge. Because of the incredible generosity of the congregation of Our Saviors Church and a unique partnership with Adult & Teen Challenge, our addiction network is able to quickly place individuals in Adult & Teen Challenge programs across the country and cover the costs to do so. In 2019, a university study concluded that Adult & Teen Challenge is the most successful drug and alcohol treatment program in the United States. With a proven cure rate of 78%, Our Saviors Church is able to help set the captives free by sending them through this incredible year-long discipleship and treatment program.