Camille Boudreaux

Easter Stories

I’ve been dealing with lower back/hip pain since mid 2015, when I was 21 years old. During the past 3.5 years, the pain would alter between minimal and extreme, but always present. There were times where the pain would be so uncomfortable, it was unbearable. I gave birth to my son in May 2017, and two months after having him, the pain came back but worse than ever before. There were three weeks where I couldn’t be alone with him because I couldn’t pick him up or carry him. I had to walk with a walker and needed a caretaker to be with us.

During this season, I had given up so many times. I had accepted the fact that I’d be this way forever. I thought God wanted me this way. The pain stole my joy. 

It wasn’t until September 2018, after countless doctors, that we finally found out what was causing the pain – osteoarthritis in my SI joint.

God completely answered my prayer for clarity and strength. Although sometimes my arthritis flares up, I know how to manage and help prevent it. I know this is not my lot in life. 

He restored HOPE in a situation that was draining all of the joy and life out of me.