Bailey Sonnier

Easter Stories

Growing up with a blended family was difficult, but watching my mom suffer from a drug addiction and my dad an alcohol addiction was even more difficult. Many people don’t realize the effects this could have on children. My childhood was somewhat of a blur, but I do remember things like my sister pretty much raising me on her own.

As I got older I became more and more aware of the problems going on at home. My Freshmen year was a very hard year; my parents were there physically for me but not emotionally or spiritually. The beginning of my freshmen year my oldest sister was admitted into rehab, which left us raising her two kids. I missed out on so much of my Freshmen year helping my mom raise them. I became very depressed and struggled with who I was. As my Junior year rolled around we were still raising the kids and home just got worse and worse. I suffered from an overwhelming amount of anxiety and felt completely hopeless.

Until one day, my sister invited me to Our Saviors Church.

I immediately developed a relationship with God and knew there was something better out there for me; it was Jesus. Shortly after high school I enrolled into Our Saviors College. Though I was growing spiritually I was still struggling at home with my parents as they were not walking with The Lord and not doing so well. This was an every day battle for me fighting the enemy in my own house. I felt like giving up so many times but I never did because I knew that God had something for me and there was a reason I was going through this.

At the end of my second semester at Our Saviors College, one of the leaders at OSC pretty much adopted me and gave me a loving home. Not only did God give me a loving home, but the more I learned about God, the more I learned who I was. I eventually stopped needing to take my anxiety medicine, my confidence grew tremendously. I got plugged into an amazing friend group in the church and I have never been the same since. There were moments in my life when the only good thing I had to cling onto was the hope that God would deliver me and he has and still is every day. He is my Hope!