OSC Missions

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What we love so much about our trips is that each one has a special purpose. We have a variety of trips offered to best fit your gifting and schedule! Our trips have a variety of purposes (i.e. sports camp, leadership conference, medical, outreach, evangelistic, etc.), but the main thing we are committed to in each trip is that the Gospel is shared and the love of God is shown to each person we come in contact with. To read more about what the goal of each of our trips are, click here. 
For the most part, the minimum age requirement to be apart of an OSC Missions trip is 13 years old. With each of our trips, different age requirements are in place, to check what that requirement is, please click here.
The cost of our trips depend on where we are going! Trips can go for as little as $700-$3,200 depending on where you are traveling to.
Before a destination is selected, its political situation, recent and previous history, and national issues are evaluated. We perform site assessments with the host ministry for each destination. We only work where we have personal relationships with the host and know the situation well. While a mission trip is in the planning stages, travel advisories issued by the U.S. State Department are consistently reviewed and frequent communication is kept with the host contacts. If a destination is determined to be unstable, it will be closed and all affected team members moved to other projects. We register each team member with the U.S. State Department on its Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.
We have an INCREDIBLE team of trained leaders who are equipped to lead you with excellence on the trip of your choice. Each trip has two leaders (male and female), who have a burden for the nations, discipling people, and seeing the Gospel spread to the ends of the earth! To see who is leading our trips, click here.
Yes. Some trips are difficult physically. Many of our trips require hours on your feet, hot conditions, and uncomfortable transportation or sleeping conditions. The trip application asks you to list any physical conditions that could limit you during the trip, such as: back problems, heart problems, extremely poor eyesight, hearing loss, pregnancy or possible pregnancy. These items do not automatically disqualify an applicant, but may be addressed by the team leader if the trip’s activities may not be suitable for you. Other trips may be difficult culturally. Each country is subject to their governments rules and regulations and we work very closely with any restrictions that our international host require.
Each team member is expected to attend ALL team meetings, make timely trip payments, abide by all team rules, be a team player, be flexible, humble, teachable, and communicate with the team leaders efficiently.
Yes. All medications must be listed on your application (including dosage and prescription strength). All prescription medications must remain in original prescription bottles during travel. Please note that certain medications may not be allowed. You will be personally contacted to discuss if there are concerns. Please contact us with any questions at missions@oscfamily.com.
Managed Missions provides team members online access to team documents, team meeting schedules, their personal funding progress, and Public Profile that can be shared via social media or email. Managed Missions is where you will apply for your trip.
We request that each team member “unplugs” as much as possible while they are on the trip. We want to encourage team members to be “all in” during the durations of the trip. Our Savior’s Church Offices are in communication with the Team Leader of your trip daily. There may be opportunities for team members to get online to contact home but such opportunities are not guaranteed. Many locations do not have WiFi. We will contact team members if any emergencies need to be made known to them stateside, and vice versa.
We will always work diligently to get immediate medical care for any sick team member, no matter destination. Each Team Leader is given a list of symptoms and medicine to help with said symptoms, and are required to travel with a First Aid Kit at all times. A team member’s emergency contacts and medical information on the trip application are vital to fill out to avoid any medical allergies.
In case of an emergency, family members should contact Our Savior’s Church offices at 337-678-0660 or email missions@oscfamily.com. Depending on who your team leader is, each team member will be given the trip leaders contact information, as well.
Safety is a our highest priority for all of our team members. Adult team members are to always move in pairs, even in airports. Minors are never left without an adult and are required to be in constant contact with their team leader during the entire trip.
The entire cost of the trip is to be covered through your payments or donations from sponsors toward your account. You assume full responsibility to make trip payments by deadlines in order to remain on the trip. All trip funds are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • International round-trip airfare
  • Trip insurance for emergencies
  • All lodging at destination
  • All meals at destination
  • All ground transportation at destination
  • Visa application fee (if required)
  • Spending money, souvenirs, snacks, airport meals, beverages, etc.
  • Optional activity fees
  • Transportation to/from airport
  • Passport fees, photos for visas (if needed)
  • Vaccinations
    • We encourage each and every team member to visit the Center for Disease Control’s website at cdc.gov to review required and recommend vaccinations for for destination. Discuss the vaccinations with your personal doctor.
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate paying with points for any portion of the trip.
We being making financial commitments for airfare and ground accommodations as soon as we receive your application fee. Therefore, if you drop out of the trip, the application fee and any other payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Trip funds are NON-TRANSFERABLE to other trips.
Our Savior’s Church Missions Department at 337.678.0660 Or email us at missions@oscfamily.com



Global Partners

Global Partners

Here at Our Savior’s Church, we are passionate about partnering with organizations/churches that we can build long term relationships in advancing the Kingdom of God. Our three global partners are Gogo Grandmothers, Coreluv International, and Compassion International. To learn more about each organization and how you can personally partner with them, continue reading below:


Gogo Grandmothers

The grandmothers in Malawi are raising their orphaned grandchildren due to the dying generation of parents infected with HIV/AIDS.  SAFE/Gogo’s support them in very practical ways: emotional encouragement, spiritual development, and provision of physical needs so that they can care for their grandchildren, including fertilizer and seeds, emergency food aid, mosquito nets to protect against malaria, and blankets. The mission of SAFE/Gogo Grandmothers is to “change lives through God’s love and truth.” To sponsor a village of Gogo’s, click HERE.



Coreluv’s dream is to bring the “luv” of Jesus Christ to orphans. They do this by partnering with communities and orphanages around the world. They work in impoverished areas to provide an orphan’s six basic needs and to see hope returned to children, families, and communities across the nations. The six basic needs that Corluv provides for children are clean water, proper food, healthcare, education, job skills, and a loving home. Coreluv takes Isaiah 1:17 seriously! It says, “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the Orphan. Fight for the rights of widows.” Unless someone defends the orphan, they are defenseless. Unless someone speaks for them, they will not be heard. We choose to partner with Coreluv to defend them, speak for them, and challenge others to do the same. To learn more about how you can partner with Coreluv, click HERE.



Involved in 25 countries, Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship. Holistic child development means Compassion begins, in some cases, with prenatal care and go all the way through leadership development for qualified young adults. Compassion takes a long-term approach to what they do and go beyond simple involvement in the lives of the children and families they serve. For more than 60 years Compassion has been working to develop children into all God intends them to be. They are advocates for children, working to release them from the shackles of poverty. Through a holistic approach to child development, they carefully blend physical, social, economic, and spiritual care together…in Jesus’ name! 1.8 million children have been supported through Compassion in 2018, and their goal is to reach 2 million by 2020. In 2017, Our Savior’s Church was able to sponsor over 1,000 children and aid in releasing them from poverty! If you would like to sponsor a child today, click HERE.