At Home

We want to provide opportunities for families to take their next steps in their life of faith

Baptism Guide

If you’re child is wanting to be baptized, this is a great tool to help you decide if they’re ready. The guide will help you make that decision, and the devotional will help you teach them about water baptism, no matter what their next step is!

Children’s Guide
Children’s Devotional



Parent Cue Primer

Each month you will be given a guide to the lesson series we are working on in OSC Kids Services. This will show you how to use it!

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GodTime Card Primer

After each weekend small group, your child will leave service with their GodTime devotional. Learn how to lead them through it here.

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Worship Playlist

A full playlist of the songs we worship to during services is available through the Spotify App. It’s totally free, and allows you to listen to them anywhere, ANYTIME!

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