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Good Friday at Our Savior's Church

This year, we’re having a completely online experience for Easter. It’s going to be a powerful time together, and we want to help you prepare to make the most of the celebration


We invite you to celebrate Easter with us right here online at 10AM on April 12. Experience the Victory Christ offers to all of us as we celebrate His life, death and resurrection. And we’ll have a service just for your kids as well.

Invite a Friend!

People are often looking for a place to share Easter with others, and we’d love to welcome your friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors. You can invite them to celebrate Easter with you online, and to make it easy we’ve created resources to help you invite others through text, email, and social media.

Social Media Shareables

From your phone, first click on the image to enlarge it and simply long press on the image to save and download it to your device. From your computer, click on the image to enlarge it, then right click on the image and save.

Send an Email

Enter the details below to send a personal invitation to a friend.

OSC Kids at Home Easter Services

Celebrate as a Family

Help your kids feel the joy and excitement of Easter through services created especially for them. We’ll have special services for your children where they can dance, sing, and learn the truth about who God is and why Easter gives us hope. Stay connected with us on YouTube!

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