Location: Lafayette campus
Title: Facilities Coordinator
Department: Lafayette
Reports To: Lead Pastor – Lafayette Campus
Salary: Salary amount will be commensurate upon experience and performance.
Schedule: Full-time, Tuesday-Friday, 7:30am-4pm; and Sunday Services; subject to be modified due to closures and or events. (Availability for special events, church meetings, etc. as needed; occasional weeknight and weekend and/or day off tasks expected)
Performance Evaluation: Performance evaluations and reviews will be conducted on an annual basis.


The Facilities Coordinator – Lafayette Campus will coordinate and oversee the safe, secure, and environmentally-sound operations and maintenance of all church property and buildings at the Lafayette Campus in a cost effective manner aimed at long-term stewardship of the facilities and church resources.

Relationally driven, he will provide the leadership to uphold the key values of the church when making decisions and interacting with people.

Additionally, this position involves volunteer recruitment, training, and leadership development, organization, and some administrative duties.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Grounds Care and Maintenance
    • Responsible for the general order, appearance, and safety of the church campus.
    • Oversee the campus lawn care, landscape, hardscape, ponds, sprinklers and fountains – may require coordination and implementation of vendor contracts where outsourced.
    • Plan, organize, and execute projects, improvements and renovations balancing the tension between urgent repairs and preventative maintenance.
  2. Building Care, Maintenance and Janitorial
    • Responsible for the general order, appearance, sanitation and safety of the church buildings.
    • Duties include the care of air conditioning, electric power, plumbing and lighting systems; appliances, fixtures, and security (windows, doors, locks and keys).
    • Monitor and maintain the interior and exterior wall surfaces’ repair and upkeep.
    • Collect and dispose of trash and garbage; facilitates pest control and coordinates extermination where necessary.
    • Oversee the cleaning and janitorial services – may require coordination and implementation of vendor contracts where outsourced.
      • Sweep, mop, scrub, wash, vacuum, wax, and polish building floors, walls, woodwork, windows, doors, furniture, equipment, and hardware.
      • Clean and sanitize kitchens, bathrooms, offices and common areas – re-stocking necessary consumables.
    • Plan, organize, and execute projects, improvements and renovations balancing the tension between urgent needs and ongoing routines.
    • Challenge, motivate and recruit others for volunteer involvement in these duties.
  3. Church Owned and Operated Vehicles, Tools, and Equipment
    • Manage the general maintenance, i.e. fluids, lights, tires, simple wiring, safety and emergency equipment, etc. of any vehicles in the fleet assigned to Lafayette Campus including vans, trucks and trailers.
    • Perform preventative maintenance including oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups as needed.
    • Maintain an effective system for managing the staff and department use of church vehicles for ministry use.
    • Maintain an adequate parts, tool, and supply resource to assist in job duties and in the facilitation of department ministry projects and needs.  Coordinate the use of shared tools, supplies and resources.
    • Give input and encouragement to all staff with maintenance efforts in their area of responsibility.
    • Make recommendations on equipment selection, useful life, and disposal of unsafe or faulty equipment.
  4. Vendor and Manufacturer Relationships
    • Utilize local church relationships and businesses when conducting job duties whenever possible.
    • Create a working relationship with local companies who are used in larger repairs.
    • Vendor relationships should span multiple companies within a particular expertise to assist in evaluation, troubleshooting, and price comparisons.
    • Endeavor to represent the church and Jesus effectively in the marketplace in interactions both within and outside of church relationships.
  5. Service and Ministry Responsibilities
    • Provide for the setup and arrangement of furniture and room décor for various events and functions in multi-purpose areas as needed.
    • Facilitate unanticipated grounds, facilities and janitorial needs during service and ministry events.
    • Be an example for the congregation through personal group participation, leadership, or other involvement.
    • Assist in departmental and event planning and execution as it pertains to job areas.  In addition to the weekend services, attendance at special events will often be required.
    • Maintain life-giving relationships necessary for healthy personal growth.
  6. Administration
    • Develop and implement established policies and procedures specific to Grounds and Facilities Maintenance.
    • Work within established policies and procedures of the church.
    • Work with church leadership to develop and execute annual Grounds and Facilities budget.
    • Work with church leadership to develop short and long-range goals for Grounds and Facilities.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Skills

  • Agreement with Our Savior’s Church statement of faith, vision, values and discipleship strategy.
  • Commitment to or pursuit of Our Savior’s Church membership.
  • Possess a moderate knowledge and use of computers, smartphones, email, and social networking.
  • Possess a moderate to advanced knowledge of plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

Education and Experience

  • Five or more years of grounds and facilities maintenance experience.
  • Able to speak and write clearly.
  • Gifted in problem solving and mechanics; maintains a broad understanding of commercial, residential, and automotive systems and components.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Volunteers
  • (Indirect) Other Staff

Physical Demands

This position involves volunteer recruitment, training, leadership development, organization, use of light machinery, ladders and equipment, occasional heavy lifting and some administrative duties. Additionally, this position requires sitting, walking, bending, stooping, twisting, climbing stairs and lifting up to 60 pounds as needed to fulfill job duties and requirements.


To apply send your resume to employment@oscfamily.com

**OSC is growing and one or more of the job duties, job responsibilities and/or job locations in this job description may change as well as the job title.