We have heard many amazing stories about lives changing due to the church rising up to meet the needs of the community. It’s important for us to share all that God is doing through those who have stepped up to serve in this time of great need. Here is a story from Hannah, one of our staff members from the Opelousas Campus.

hannah1The top picture is a picture with Erika (red shirt). After the floods happened, we had to cancel church that Sunday. Too many people were in need and couldn’t even get out of their homes. The water had yet to recede in certain places. So, as a church we went out to BE the church. In Erika’s neighborhood, the water had gone down, but there was still water in her house. As we walked through the streets asking people for help, Donna, asked her if she needed any help. LITTLE DID WE KNOW, her friend, Alyssa (mint green shirt), has been asking her to come to church for sometime. They were going to come that Sunday but found out that church was cancelled due to weather. Erika was about to close the door to her house and leave it forever because she couldn’t afford to gut the place, then the church showed up to her doorstep. Donna was able to connect with Erika and the church was able to show her Jesus through our actions FIRST and words SECOND. Erika saw Jesus through the ARMY that rose up when the water started to rise. God can do anything. And that is just one story of many.

Helpful Documents

We’ve compiled a list of documents that will be helpful to you for cleaning out your home, dealing with FEMA, and other issues related to the flood.
Helpful Documents

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If your organization would like to help, you can give online here or fill out this form to communicate what you can provide.

Get Involved:


If you would like to help, please fill out this form, text “flood” to 662-200-4303, or stop by an Our Savior’s Church location.

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Multiple Donation and/or Distribution Centers are open for supplies around our area. Click below for more information on times and directions.  Donations & Distribution Items Needed

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