IMG_4691We came across Ms. Gloria and her family while out delivering food. She was astounded when we showed up with food for her and her entire family. Come to find out she serves on our dream team at the Lafayette Campus. Our team noticed that she didn’t have any help with her flooded home. Her eyes filled with tears as we helped her get signed up on our website. She had no idea how she was going toIMG_4690 get the work done, especially while caring for her young grandchildren. Our amazing team of volunteers were able to send teams out right away to not only help her, but also her cousin whose home also flooded.


Helpful Documents

We’ve compiled a list of documents that will be helpful to you for cleaning out your home, dealing with FEMA, and other issues related to the flood.
Helpful Documents

Get Involved:


If your organization would like to help, you can give online here or fill out this form to communicate what you can provide.

Get Involved:


If you would like to help, please fill out this form, text “flood” to 662-200-4303, or stop by an Our Savior’s Church location.

Donations & Distributions

Multiple Donation and/or Distribution Centers are open for supplies around our area. Click below for more information on times and directions.  Donations & Distribution Items Needed

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