The Rideaux family has served our church for 12 years, and this week we had the opportunity to serve them by helping to clean and gut their flooded home. They were so encouraged by the volunteers who had been helping out, many who they didn’t even know. Not only have those volunteers worked so hard, but they were also able to pray with the Rideaux’s.

rideaux2“I am still overwhelmed at the love, support and generosity we have received through all of this. People ask Trey and I often why we are always at church stuff and why we commit to helping people all the time. Well here ya go! Not that we ever expected anything in return, but when the tables are turned God shows up in a big way by using others to bless us! At one point we had about 15 people working on our house from church and I only knew one of them!”

rideaux3So many just like the Rideaux’s share the same story of hope and gratitude. Thank you to all of our volunteers who have answered the call to serve. There are still so many left to help. Join us today at every OSC location for SERVE DAY. We will be the Church!

Helpful Documents

We’ve compiled a list of documents that will be helpful to you for cleaning out your home, dealing with FEMA, and other issues related to the flood.
Helpful Documents

Get Involved:


If your organization would like to help, you can give online here or fill out this form to communicate what you can provide.

Get Involved:


If you would like to help, please fill out this form, text “flood” to 662-200-4303, or stop by an Our Savior’s Church location.

Donations & Distributions

Multiple Donation and/or Distribution Centers are open for supplies around our area. Click below for more information on times and directions.  Donations & Distribution Items Needed

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