In times of disaster we as the church have the greatest opportunity to show the love of Jesus by meeting needs. No task is too small to bring joy and hope to people in their hardest time. One of our church members, Angelle, experienced this first hand when the flood hit her house. You can read her story below.

Ok, Why Help?

13912317_1383448878335196_3651698052616374440_n“After the floodwater receded, the work began. It was awful, to say the least. After a flood, the house looked ok but damp. Immediately you have to start tearing down walls to avoid mold. My parents, in laws, close friends, the children and my brother and his wife all got started. However, on day two they all had to go to work, so I filled out the need form on the OSC website. It was a godsend! People just arrived at my home and asked how they could help. They were tearing down sheetrock, pulling out cabinets, taking down warped doors and setting up fans. They helped us figure out what to do next and then got us started on it. We have been so incredibly humbled by this all! We know we don’t deserve it but you give from your heart when you give your time. Friends from church and my family have been caring for my children so they won’t be in a dangerous environment. People show up at lunchtime to feed us.14053978_1385675418112542_7777746024403884689_n

One of the miracles God revealed to us in this time was when randomly two sweet ladies from church came over and swept the sheetrock up for me. They quickly went from room to room sweeping. I think it took them about 2 hours total. After they left I walked around and saw the miracle. I realized that not one piece of my wood floors had buckled. My entire home has wood floors. All of our neighbors with wood floors had lost them because they buckled. These sweet ladies didn’t come for hours or with a supernatural skill, but they simply swept to reveal the perfection beneath the mess. I will never forget these two women. They gave me the first good thing since the flood.

13962637_1384615311551886_2852541172233063082_nOur church is so filled with good, hard working and amazing people. No amount of time donation will be wasted and is a blessing on so many levels. I cannot name all the people who have stepped up! Some have given days, some have given hours, some have given food, some have given paper towels and antibacterial soap, some have brought bottles of mosquito repellant, but these people are the hands and feet of Jesus to me! No task is too small. Please, from one family who has lost a lot, give of yourself if you are able. If you are free for a couple of hours after work, grab your broom and go! Each person is a miracle from God to me, and YOU can be a miracle for someone today!”

Let’s continue to be the Church. If you would like to serve you can fill out this form.

Helpful Documents

We’ve compiled a list of documents that will be helpful to you for cleaning out your home, dealing with FEMA, and other issues related to the flood.
Helpful Documents

Get Involved:


If your organization would like to help, you can give online here or fill out this form to communicate what you can provide.

Get Involved:


If you would like to help, please fill out this form, text “flood” to 662-200-4303, or stop by an Our Savior’s Church location.

Donations & Distributions

Multiple Donation and/or Distribution Centers are open for supplies around our area. Click below for more information on times and directions.  Donations & Distribution Items Needed

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